Adaptation B - Song 2: Man of the Law

Listened to this a couple of times and imagined that the hero was some kind of specter or un-dead being, becasue of the Lyric "A hero must rise, He must find a disguise", i read "rise" as rise from the grave. The character is dead so it would make sense that the are wearing a "mask" to hide his face. "Drawing the line between justice and crime, here to save us all" connotes to him being a vigilante, with a lone wolf archetype. I got a cowboy vibe for the character because on the "quick on the draw" lyric. Using the instruments and style, i get a futuristic setting . The hero is bought back to life and is now trying to dispose of the creatures and people that were also resurrected(un-dead bounty hunter), i get this from "Heads gonna roll, if you don't have a soul. Like the rest of us." I imagine that he would be wearing a large over coat (possibly with a hood), have all of his flesh or bones covered up but barely, worn boots, a mask and would be glowing ghostly green.


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