Mary and Max

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Mary and Max an Australian animation directed by Adam Elliot, it takes the story of two pen pals whose paths became intertwined through childish curiosity. Mary is eight when she first starts communicating with Max forty four year old New Yorker when she is curious about the differences in New York. 

Mary is lonely and curious so randomly choosing a name out of a yellow pages she asks a question to max. The film starts of quite slow, as we learn more about merry and her family. Her story is somewhat depressing, but she is able to keep a brave face a still find happiness. Her childish ignorance is very visible, especially when she starts to grow older and lose it. Max's story some how manages to just feel depressing although, Max's life isn't made to feel appealing. He is obese and suffers form a mental illness which was not understood at the time. Rather than try to understand him he is written off as crazy. Mary and her innocents doesn't see his flaws at first, she talks to him with a level of respect not shown by other character. Although she begins to lose this as she grows older and begins to try to point out his flaws. Trying to diagnose him, although it was done to help it has the opposite effect.

Max with all of his issues is content with his life as it is, Mary not understanding this thinks that she can fix him. This conflict is where the film picks up in pace and becomes more interesting. Then very quickly slows down again when we are shown  Mary's change form successful witter to depressed alcoholic. We watch as she throws her life away and becomes a husk, until she attempts suicide. Luckily she fails and finds a package from max, this package returns her hope and gives her a new lease on life. She decides that she will go visit max, and when she finally get to him is appears it's a bit to late. Max had died not to long before, but she was able to see him and the amount he cared about her.

Mary and max is an interesting watch, towards the end I'm not quite sure how I was suppose to feel. I one hand I was happy she was able to futile her promise, but on the other hand it was sad that she didn't get a chance to talk to max in person

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