Adaptation B - Song 1: Sad Machine

 Listening to this i imagine two characters from the voices,  a human male and his robotic companion who he feels obliged to protect. the lyrics connote a somewhat lawless world, in which you must fight to survive. The lyrics "you have awaken her again", connote to the male character  find her and bring her back to life . She seems to be a somewhat defenseless, and she may feel as if he is being forced into protecting her, not knowing that she has something that makes her powerful. I also imagined that she would be some kind of weapon becasue of the lyric "this girl who slept a hundred years has something after all" i would imagine she is able to help him in some way (possibly turning into a weapon that could be held in one hand ). The style of music is techno so i envision a somewhat futuristic setting, so a Cyber Punk elements in design. My approach would be to design the male character and then and the female character as a weapon.


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