Adaptation B: Idea change

After talking to Phil about my projects lack of certainty, and my generally vague approach to the project. I feel as if i am better able to choose a subject matter. Phil suggested i looked at creation myths as they are rooted in culture, which would help lead design and give me a better idea of what character i will look like. I started looking at Cherokee creation myths which lead me to heroic tales, but found it difficult to find a character to design. I then looked at Finnish myth and then their legends, but got the same result. Next was Chinese creation mythology where i saw familiar names such as Sun Wu Kong and Chang'e. I found two character  interesting, the first being Erlang Shen a god with a Third truth seeing eye. The second god is Gong Gong the water God, often depicted as a either a dragon or a human with a serpent for a tail. Although i liked the creatures in Chinese mythology i found Aztec more descriptive and interesting. In the end Coatlicue is who i would like to adapt, she is "" represented as a woman wearing a skirt of writhing snakes and a necklace made of human hearts, hands, and skulls. Her feet and hands are adorned with claws and . Her face is formed by two facing serpents". The only aspect i think i might change is the face is formed from two facing serpents, replacing it with an human head but somehow still incorporating the serpents. Possibly  as some adornment or extra appendages.


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