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Coatlicue thumbnail 13-15

Sita sings the blues

Paprika review

Waltz with Bashir

Coatlicue thumbnail 12

Coatlicue thumbnails 8-11

Coatlicue thumbnails 5-7

Coatlicue thumbnails 1-4

Adaptation B: Idea change

Dynamics Part 10: Emit From Particles

Dynamics Part 9: Curve Flow

Dynamics Part 7: Per Point Emission

Dynamics Part 8: Surface Emission

Sad Machine: Character thumbnails #2

Sad Machine: Character thumbnails

Sad Machine: Influence Maps

Adaptation B: Sad machine- Character thumbnails

Adaptation B - Song 3: Orb of winter

Adaptation B - Song 2: Man of the Law

Adaptation B - Song 1: Sad Machine

Actor Influence Map

Dynamics Part 6: Emit From Curve

Mary and Max

Adaptation A - Final Submission

Adaption A: Info-graphic test 53s