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Adaption A: Info-graphic test 45s

Adaption A: Info-graphic test 40s

Maps Part 1: Base Normal Maps

Adaption A: Info-graphic test 30s

Jorg Thumbnails #1

Adaption B: Prince of thorns

Adaption A: Info-graphic test - intro

Dynamics Part 5: Volume Emitters

Dynamics Part 4: Directional Emitters

Cult script draft

Dynamics Part 3: Omni Emitters

Dynamics Part 2: Particles Grids

CG Workshop Mudbox: 2nd Session- Modelling Pumpkin

Modelling Part 3: High Resolution

Cult Symbolism

Adaption A- Starting a cult

Modelling Part 2: UV Layout

Dynamics Part 1: Sketching Particles

Adaptation A- new ideas

Modelling Part 1: Low Resolution

Frozen planet: Nature Documentary overveiw

Antman Review: Adaption

Zombieland: Comedy

Maya tutorials submission term 1

Posing a Character 4

Texturing Part 6 – Shoes

Texturing Part 5 – Jeans

Texturing Part 4 – Shirt

Texturing Part 3 – Hair

Texturing Part 2 – Eyes

Texturing Part 1 - Shader & Colour Blocking

Facial Rigging Part 1-5

Character Bible- Crit Presentation

Environment concept art

Game based props

Gameplay Screenshot

Technician prop sheet

The Explorer Prop Sheet

Creature poses

Technician poses

Explorer Poses

Technician Turnarounds

Explorer Turnarounds

Character expression sheets

Creature Turnarounds

The Creature- Character concept

Hero Orthographic