Adaption B: Prince of thorns

My idea was to design the main character for a book titles the prince of thorns, after my conversation with Alan i have been trying to figure out how to approach character design without being generic. Being a fantasy book there are far to many troupes i could fall into. Alan gave me two realistic outlooks, firstly to use the troupes and create a character that follows them or to come up with something unique. im going to try and avoid the heavy fantasy troupes and try to create a character who reflects Jorg the main character of the book. He falls under the anti-hero category, The book describes him as a bloodthirsty heartless murderer, mercilessly killing both friend and foe. The book cover has an image of Jorg, but i don't plan to use that as a guide line as it is a bit o troupe heavy. Instead i will use the textual description of his character as well as the idea of thorns that the book places heavy emphasis on. The book never really describes his humanity, instead it characterize him as beautiful but dangerous. Because of this i thought it might be a good idea to see him as a rose and move from there. Alan also mentioned finding the actor who will suit the character best, Asa Butterfield and Tom Holland look like they could play the role(appearance wise)but neither are a prefect fit. 
Fig 1

Fig 2

After the rose idea i checked substrata and found an artist who worked on plant like humanoids, although i couldn't find the actual images from the book here are a couple that were online (Fig 1 & 2).
Fig 3

Fig 4

Figure 3 and 4 looked like interesting approaches to the plant human/animal hybrid.


  1. I prefer the way Figure 2 approaches the plant-human hybrid.

    As for actors, have a look at Christian Bale's performance as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. Bale plays an arrogant, narcissistic, perfectionist. In the novel and the film Bateman spends about an hour or two putting extreme effort into making himself at the peak of physical attractiveness. And he occasionally goes off on violent rampages on a whim.


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