Zombieland: Comedy

Fig.1.Zombieland poster 

Zombie land directed by Ruben Fleischer is a satirised look at the zombie genre, using comedy to ad levity to a genre that has become a bit too serious. Zombie land is a much needed change from the formulaic and stale zombie genre.

The film follows Columbus as his attempts to survive the zombie apocalypse, to do so he has created rules that he believes will aid him in survival. While traveling he meets Tallahassee a crazy Twinkie hunting badass, who doesn’t seem to care about his own safety. Tallahassee is the binary opposition to Columbus. Surprisingly they actually work well as a team regardless of their differences.

Wichita and Little Rock sister back stab the duo, after gaining their trust.  Later they all work out their differences and team up in order to survive. The films comedic elements are very well done, there are moments where they make a terrible situation funny, an example being when stranger comes into Columbus’s house , and turns into a zombie. After killing her Columbus makes a depressed but funny quip. Its humor seems somewhat self aware, as if the characters know that they are in a film.  Through the use of narration Columbus's character is shown,  this is also where most of the humor is carried through, the films execution of humor is akin to films like Shaun of the dead both being zombie movies. 

The film ends in a somewhat cliche manner, as if it is making fun of most zombie movie ending. Choosing the ending in which the lead man and female get to get together. not to say that it is a bad ending, it is somewhat cathartic seeing the zombies defeated and for the male lead Columbus to finally get some luck after all of the troubles he has had.

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Figure 1: Zombieland Poster: https://pmcdeadline2.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/zombieland-atlanta.jpg?w=446&h=299&crop=1 (accessed on 08/01/2016)


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