Antman Review: Adaption

Fig.1. Antman Poster 

Antman Directed by Peyton Reed is the film adaptation of the comic of the same name. The film is centered on Scott Lang, an engineer gone bank robber and his journey to becoming ant man. The film is somewhat true to the comic it is adapted from, although there are some themes the film does not explore.

The film, focuses on the aspects of the comic that enable the story to be shorter essentially cutting out huge exposition. Film Hank is unable to find a job, at which point he decides to return to a life of crime, and he steals the Antman suit not know what it is, once he finds out what it is he attempts to return it and is arrested. the graphic comic is slightly different in the fact that lang steals the suit and then tries to turn himself in to the police. small difference but the films version needs this to propel the latter plot points. his reasoning for stealing the suit, is also dramatically different. The film has him trying to steal money and leaving with just the suit, whereas the comic he steals the suit knowing what it does; in hopes of using it to save his daughter.
The films stops following the comics very quickly, a new point is established, Scott and Hank team up in order to steal the yellow jacket suit. a Suit being developed by Darren Cross, whereas in the comic the suit was owned a created by Hank Pym and only used by Hank. Darren Cross is a villain in the comic but his motive is different. He is trying to cure his rare heart condition but the means he uses are somewhat questionable. Darren Cross is also Hanks apprentice in the film, his motive for creating the yellowjacket is out of spite for Hank. this is because Hank would not share the Antman suit and keeps denying its existence .

The aspect of the comics the film keeps ture is the Antman suits abilities, using the same sciences to explain how it works. the suits appearance is also very close to comics, the main difference being that it is not made of spandex, which can look somewhat comical in film. Altogether the film is a good adaptation of the comic, staying true to all necessary aspects of the film and also reworking them so that comic book watchers can enjoy all of the hidden Easter eggs.

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