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The Technician- Character concept

The Technican- so far

The Explorer- Character Concept

Rigging part 1-4

Rough line art Cyborg character #10

Creature flat colour test

Skinning Part 1-6

Rough creature concept

explorer and cyborg characters #9

Explorer character #8

Narrative - Female Character Rigged & Posed

Pipeline UV Layout

Hero Thumbnails #7 Explorer

Female Character // Turn Around 1

Character OGR

Hero Thumbnail #6 Cyborg

Hero Thumbnail #5 Explorer

Hero Thumbnail #4 Cyborg

Mad Max: fury road

Bride of the Monster

Hero Thumbnail #3 Cyborg

Hero Thumbnails #2 Explorer

Hero Thumbnails #1 Explorer

Body Modelling Part 20 - Completion: Bring the Head & Body Together

Body Modelling Part 18 - The Hand

Body Modelling Part 17 - The Arm

Female Character Orthographic

Male and Female Character Concepts

Maya - Posing a Character #3