Mad Max: fury road

Mad Max: fury road (2015) directed by George Miller, who also directed the first two Mad Max films. The first Mad Max film falls into a category of exploitation, named carsploitation. This type of film exploits the spectator’s love of vehicles. Fury road also uses carsploitation, but has a few more types of exploitation, which actually work very well with the film; making what seems to be a deeper movie. From what I could see the exploitation genres the film adds are, women in Prison and elements of rape and revenge.

The fury road is a modern depiction of carsploitation, to a modern audience the idea of exploitation is not something that we are used to. This is possibly because of the film market and how it has changed in the last sixty years. The idea of exploitation has been lost to time, not to say that exploitation films aren’t made anymore, they are just less common; or we as a modern spectator just don't notice that it is an exploitation film. one of the reasons exploitation may have become less common, is because of the idea of the auteur  and how that concept has become more predominant. Exploitation was very common in the 50s to 70s, the idea behind it was to exploit something popular or controversial to try and get people to see the films. Exploitation was more common amongst B movies, with the goal of making money. The car exploitation in the fury road is very clear and in your face, as if George miller his paying homage to his past work.

Cars in Fury road are seen as a symbol of power. Max (Tom Hardy) is shown to have a car at the beginning, but it is taken away from him. Without his car he becomes a slave, and is incapable of escaping. When he steals the truck he is liberated or freed from the shackles the car centric society has put on him. He is able to escape, but later chooses not to escape but to try and change the society he lives in.

The aspect of women in prison in exploitation is shown through the women that are being rescued by Furiosa (Charlize Theron). They are dressed somewhat revealing, which is commonly used in women in prison films. They are dressed like this possibly to insight the male gaze, as if to say the film knows its target audience. The film only has aspects of rape and revenge in the sense that the women escape and then help kill, Immortan Joe. Joe is seen as a rapist in the fact that the women are being forced into bearing his children.

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  1. In basic terms - The rules of B-movies and Exploitation are still with us, it's just that now they are made with huge budgets and by studios instead of independents with low budgets.


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