Frozen planet: Nature Documentary overveiw


Frozen planet is a nature documentary series, voiced over by David Attenborough. The focus in this type of documentary is to teach the viewer about a topic in this case the polar regions. the film style of nature documentary's tend to focus on the topic, using voice overs to deliver information about what is on screen.

Frozen planet is a very well know series, this is both for its educational value and the fact that it is interesting. All it is doing is showing the beauty of the earth, nothing that is filmed is scripted, so when watching its feels somewhat unpredictable. David Attenborough voice also does well guiding a viewer through the potentially unknown. Although the happening in the series would be interesting on its own the voice over is what ties it together.

The camera in the series  is somewhat fluid, tracking, panning and zooming over wonderful landscapes. the edits are so smooth it somehow manages to, cut cleanly for example it transitions from a polar bear  to penguin which out disorienting the viewer. The way the series is edited shows a sense of scale, mountains feel like mountains, and small fish feel small.

Overall this all adds up to make a good series, which is both informative and entertaining. 

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