Minor Project-To The Sky_ Thumbnails #2

Simple Scandanavian print  Print in black and white for Hannah's stocking?:
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  1. for me, she's still too complex - she's not 'shape based' - there's a bit too much wibble-wobble and 'in and out' - I think you should simplify her still further - and I don't think a trouser suit is sitting well with your era or your culture... look again at how the characters in Kels are strong solid/simple shapes in their own right. She's too complex. Try and reduce her to a minimum of shapes - and hair, Ryan - simplify her hair - make it a strong shape too. If you reduced this current design to just its silhouette, her headshape would be blobby - not strong or distinctive. Can I suggest you try working in silhouette first?

  2. http://artofnicomarlet.tumblr.com/post/18909505753/nico-marlets-character-designs-for-the-short


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