Minor Project-To The Sky- Rough Script, Thumbnails

Some References

Character Bio so far:
Sara Elise
Date -1915
Inventor living in the Swedish wilderness. She left home when she was 25 (as she was unmarried she is able to do as she pleased) to live in isolation so that she could focus on her inventions.

Interesting notes:
1860 Passports, both within and outside the country, were abolished.
1861 Unmarried women were legally capable at age 25.


  1. body ideas 1 and 3 have potential. 1's shawl is a nice thematic touch but definitely try designs that have tool belts.

  2. http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/236x/81/8f/b5/818fb5ab1a2d461a01309e860eaf05cf.jpg

    Check out Scandavian print/textiles/illustration for more bold, authentic art direction - think graphically, think about shapes and strong sillouhettes ...


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