Minor Project-To The Sky Thumbnails #4

Potential character names-

1. Arne (meaning: Eagle)

2. Olaug (meaning: dedicated to the ancestors)

3. Ran (meaning: destroyer)

For this set i was looking at low poly art and vector  based designs:


  1. Arne makes sense to me, given your story. I'm warming towards 23 - like the culottes. Not totally sold on the hair-style, though I think the gold looks rich against the grey outfit. Her outfit needs more detailing - I can imagine patterns like this working across the shoulders and maybe down the back:


    I think giving her nice deep pockets on her culottes will add interest too.

    In terms of her hair - about a touch of the Mia Farrow?


    (I can help thinking that Mia Farrow as depicted here is Arne in so much as she's beautiful and boyish at the same time - I think the freckles would be nice touch too).

    Feels like her boots need more work - and that they shouldn't be the same colour as her 'cloak' -
    some things to try?

    https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/2f/1d/86/2f1d865c7617e60c0a54d80ef511443d.jpg (chunky long socks above Scandi brown boots with red laces?)

  2. also - just thinking about your title - I don't think your title captures what your film is actually about, which is actually about where 'Home' is -

    Just 'Home' might be nice - or the Swedish translation 'Hem' - anyway not 'to the sky' at least, because that's the opposite of your film's theme. What do you think?

    1. I like the idea of the Swedish translation, Hem it is!


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