From Script To Screen-Story adjustments

Act 1
The story begins with Edward's father playing in a concert hall, Edward watches him hoping one day that would be him. The next day Edward is helping his mother sew a dress by being her model, he finds it embracing but likes to help his mother.  Edwards’s mother and father had planned to go on a voyage, because of his school-work Edward could not join. Because of this he insisted on having a family photo, his thought process behind it was he would miss his parents to much if he could not see them. They take the photo and his parents leave the next day.

Act 2
A couple of month have passed, Edward was sure his parents should be back any day now. to pass the time Edward would practise the piano, hoping that he  could impress his mother and father when he got home. One day Edward noticed that the butlers were acting strange, he asked them why and no one answered. One of them broke down in tears and handed Edward a newspaper, the headline was "RMS Titanic" sinks. Suddenly Edward remembers the name of the ship his mother and father were sailing on and realises what has happened. To calm himself Edward would play the piano but something wasn't the same… No matter how much he tried he could no longer play; he would away end up in tears. Days past and the mere sight of the piano made him break down. The butlers saw this and had the piano moved to the attic, they had also moved his mother's mannequins, knowing that no one would use them. Edward was happy that his butler had made the decision believing that it be the best way get over his parents death and move on.  

Act 3
One day Edward heard noises do in from the attic, not wanting to bother his butlers he decided to investigate it himself. What Edward found was unusual, two mannequins where by the piano. One was sitting, as if it were playing the other seemed to be watching.  Edward noticed that the photograph he had taken with his parents was on the music desk. As Edward stared at it the world around him changed, the mannequins became the physical embodiment of his parents. Shocked and happy to see them Edward decided he would show his mother and father what he had learnt. He sits next to his father and plays with all his heart, forgetting all of his worries. At the end of the peace a much older man stands up and bows to a crowd.


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