From Script to Screen- Ideas

For the script to Screen project I got:

a mannequin
a piano
in an attic

Story ideas

-A mannequin  comes to life and tries to play the piano ( this is was my first thought, when I got my subjects. this idea is vague because I wanted to leave it vague to interpretation for now, it could be dramatic, comical, or something else.)

-  a mother and son- the pianist son dies- In grief a the mother tries to replace her son with  robotic mannequin. (I felt the family might change the dynamic of the of the story. it also gives a reason for the mannequins  existence. This idea is more close ended and with a dark narrative, but I'm finding this one more interesting.)


  1. I like the second idea, the family will really give the story some depth. Perhaps through the lose of her son she goes a bit crazy and imagines the mannequin coming to life?

  2. I like the second idea too. Your picks are really interesting but how is the attic essential to the story?
    I can't really give you ideas but if i had those objects i would've go for a story about memories since the attic is where we usually store objects from the past. Maybe an old lady going through her family attic, seeing her wedding dress on the mannequin, touching the piano and reminiscing her husband playing it in their youth?
    With something in those lines you have the chance to reveal a lot of the backstory of the characters :P it sort of reminds me of 'Up' too where older characters resolve past promises
    Good luck anyway :)


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