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Boy- both parents die- rich- alone fears going into the attic

The date is 1912 son of a famous pianist and a well know seamstress, Edward really didn't have much to worry about . He lived a carefree life for a seventeen year old; until one fateful day. 

it was a normal day for Edward, until his butler found him and told him the terrible news. His parents were lost at sea and presumed dead, the butler told him that the ship they were on hit something large and sank. Once he heard Edward broke down sorrowful at the lost of his parents. Edward loved his parents, like any child would; he believed they would always be around to help and guide him when he need it, without them he felt like a ship with out a compass. he suddenly realises that he was their only heir and their legacy, he felt like he had not achieved anything.

Edward was a budding pianist hoping to follow in his father footsteps. He thought he would  never stop playing; But after losing his teacher He also lost his will to play. Edward become afraid of his parents personal Study, he saw the grand piano and the mannequins as a constant reminder of his parents, as well as his inadequacy. Unable to at the rooms; Edward asked his butler to take his fathers grand piano and his mothers Mannequins and sewing machine to the attic, hoping to never see them again. 

Although all of his parents belongings are gone he still cannot go into their personal study; he feels unworthy. He sometimes thought of the piano in the attic, but every time ever he did his chest would ache and a great sorrow would make him feel weak.

One day Edward was drawn to the sound of movement  in the attic, not wanting to bother his Butler he decides to inspect the noise on his own. what he found brought a tear to his eye and warmed his heart. Two of his mother's mannequins were posed by the grand piano. one of them looked as if it was about to playing and the other was watching. Instantly Edward saw his mother and father in the mannequins,  he noticed that the space where he would usually sit was empty. With the vision of his parents he sat in his spot and began to play, tears of joy streaming.  the memory of his parents ignited a passion that could not be tamed.

When he asked his butlers and maids  who was responsible for the mannequins, he was surprised to hear that none of them had any idea. confused Edward Rushed to the attic to find the mannequins were in the corner far from the piano.

Had he dreamt it, was it real...


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