From Script To Screen - The Premise

Still got some fixing to do

The frailty of the human mind

My story idea

After losing his mother Edward slowly began to lose his grip on reality. He hasn't played the piano since his mother's death, because of this his father decided to move it to his bedroom in the attic hoping it would encourage him to play again.

Edward sees the Piano as a constant reminder of his mother's death; he remembers when his mother would teach him how to play. One day Edward sees a mannequin and his weak mind and strong imagination believes it is his mother, grabbing  the mannequin by the hand he drags it home.  

After a long day at work Edwards father Comes home and hears the sound of a piano. excited he runs to the attic but what he finds breaks his spirit. Edward was playing the piano, and where Edward’s mother would be; sat a mannequin cold and lifeless.

Notes-  I wasn't sure whether or not the mannequin should sentient or inanimate. Although it is not in the premise above i found that a mannequin can be a person employed by a designer as a model and although this meaning is dated, i found this out after i wrote the idea above and wasn’t sure whether to use it; which is why i'm making a note of it. it could possibly be a psychological reasoning for Edward to be attached to a wooden figure Mannequin or it could be me over thinking.


  1. Ahh I really like your idea Ryan! Maybe the kid could dress the mannequin in his mother's clothes as well. I reckon it would be more effective if it were inactive though. Would seem more believable I think.

  2. I agree with Emma, lifeless is believable and adds a depth to it. The clothing idea is also a great idea, it will make the whole thing feel more emotional. Love the idea, I can really see this story coming to life.


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