What if? Metropolis- Concept Art Revisit 2


  1. I'd suggest the addition of that wiggly road infront of the first building has created more visual confusion; your pathway only needed to be less angular, as opposed to super-expanded as it is now; it's particularly because that path is reading 'flat' (like a barrier) as opposed to winding into the background convincingly. I think it's time you moved into maya to create this scene in block out, because many of our difficulties seem to be coming from your ability to configure this scene perspectively through drawing. It's time to commit to your key assets as complete objects in design terms, and also to block out the scene using basic shapes to help you nail the composition of this space.

  2. Adding to what Phil said, it might help if you create a gap from where the canvas starts so it becomes less like a wall as a foreground element.


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