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  1. OGR 06/11/2014

    Hi Ryan,

    Wow - such an elaborate and imaginative response in terms of your travelogue; you've created an entire world, but I was left wondering how it's helped you arrive at a design for your city? Are you planning to do the phallic city on the other side of the wall, or the nature based society on the other? I think too, that you need to go back to basics in terms of your thumbnails - and spend a bit more time with Beardsley's motifs and research into art nouveu; your thumbnails aren't quite inhabiting his style - or rather reflecting your knowledge of his motifs - those long, elongated, sweeping forms, the peacock feathers, the ink work. I think you need to go simpler to start with - extracting actual forms from Beardsley's work and looking at them as potential starting points for your structures. I suppose what I'm saying is your OGR doesn't yet make it clear how your artist, the travelogue and your thumbnails relate to each other; obviously, I can see how the phallic towers relate to Beardsley's erotic illustrations, but I'd like to see more 'Beardsley' in the style of your thumbnails - more connection, more fluidity, more curvature. It would be useful too, as I've said, to look beyond Beardsley and at the prevalent forms of art nouveau. It does seem as if your divided cities compare the purity of nature with the decadence of culture - if so, I think you need to ensure your decadent city is unmistakably 'Beardsley.' Take a good look at Art Nouveau architecture and interiors and you'll see those long, curving lines of Beardsley's drawings translating into physical components:



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