Character Concept

After talking to Justin, I decided to rethink my cards. Instead of an RTS (real time strategy) or card game, I thought my game could be a tower defence game ("Tower defense is a sub-genre of real-time strategy video games, where the goal is to stop the enemies from reaching a specific point on the map"). The stability could come in the form of protecting an important generator or core, if the core is heavily damaged it would need to be repaired, if it is destroyed you would lose. The aspect of technology could possibly be shown through the weaponry, characters and armour. The play aspect could be shown through the world, I imagine it would be colourful and not take itself too seriously (see influence map). The game could be a self-aware parody of modern shooters. The game-play style would be an Fps (first person shooter), each level would be broken down into waves, the harder the level the more waves. The player would start off with no defensive walls to protect the core, as the player completes waves, they will earn points to use on walls and turrets. Once walls are placed weak creatures will not be able to pass them, they will have to walk around them to reach the core (a player would not be able to create a wall with no gaps). At the last wave of each level, there will be a boss monster with the ability to ignore walls or destroy them. The core will have a health bar, which can be regenerated with points during a purchasing phase in-between waves, this will also be when you can buy and sell turrets, walls and other items. After the purchasing phase, the player will be given time to place down any turrets and walls. There will be set characters/classes with their own abilities and weapon types, every character can choose two of their class weapons each level, but once chosen they can't change their loadout in the Stage (they would have to restart the level).My influence map are quite cutesy and playful, but it is possible that changing play to playful is a bit of a stretch. 


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