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Treasure Planet (2002) directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, is Disney's take on Treasure Island. 

The story is centred on Jim Hawkins (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), the male protagonist with unresolved father issues. Jim finds the world he lives in boring, often getting into trouble because he needs to escape. The world that he has inherited from his father is somewhat incomplete, his mother runs a small restaurant on her own, and is unable to keep up with all the work alone. Jim wants to be free, but he needs a strong father figure to help him develop. Internally Jim is still a child, who probably feels abandoned and alone, but externally he is a stroppy teenager. Jim is very headstrong, which is one of his major character flaws, he doesn't take the time to think about his action and the affect they have on others.

John Silver (Brian Murray) is a very well developed character, although his personal history is not known, it is clear that he paid a price for something he wanted. He sees the world as an obstacle, in the way to his main goal. He wants to obtain the gold and riches of treasure planet, but he needs to become more selfless. Internally he is very cunning, whereas externally he comes of more eccentric. His character weakness is his need for gold and riches, because he is willing to give up things important to him to obtain it.

The overall story arc for Jim, shows his journey too self-dependency. After he is disciplined by john silver, he gains a father figure. He is given a taste of what a positive role model is, but it is then taken away from him when John reveals his plan. John’s purpose, his reason for living is finding treasure planet. Once he is close to his goal, he double crosses Jim, but Jim has grown on him so he finds it difficult to turn his back on him.

Jim’s value change happens quite early in the film, his view of the world is changed by john silver and vice versa. They both need each other to trigger a value shift. Jim acts more grown up after meeting John, and John becomes less self-centred, two acts show John has changed in some way. The first act is letting all the gold go to save Jim, the second is allowing Jim to look after morph.  After his ordeal Jim has become more mature and no longer needs a role model/ father, he helps his mother rebuild and becomes someone she can be proud of.

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