North by North Review

Figure 1: poster (1959)

North by North by Northwest is an interesting film by Alfred Hitchcock, the plot involves the mistaken identity of Roger Thornhill. Thornhill is almost murdered because he is thought to be a secret agents, at the beginning this is not clear; the person he is mistaken for is made out to be rival to the main antagonist.
Figure 2:  Biplane (1959)

Cary grant's performance is very well done, and considering that he is ’’ a veteran member of the Hitchcock acting varsity’’(WEILER,1959) meaning he understand how Hitchcock work as a director. His acting stands the test of time, a modern audience can believe that Grant is going through this situation, which is possibly why Hitchcock's films still have a large impact today. Eva Marie Saint as Eve Kendall  is a femme fatale  with a hit of Hitchcock,  he has ‘’plumbed some talents not shown by the actress heretofore’’ (WEILER,1959) which for the most part  is true. Her performance is very different from Hitchcock earlier films, she pretends to embody the classic blonde stereotype and then turns out to be smart, conniving and almost heartless (sending Thornhill to his death) .
Figure 3: Mount Rushmore(1959)

The narrative is notably quick for a Hitchcock film. The pacing of the film is quick but the rate at which Hitchcock reveals what is actually happening is slow. The spectator is forced to figure out what is actually happening. In true Hitchcock fashion the film “keeps the viewer guessing but also provides answers in a timely fashion”(Berardinelli), once all the answers are given the viewer is rewarded with a happy ending. Hitchcock uses the last scene to show his cleverness, with the last shot being a train going to a tunnel.

The sound design in the film is great a ‘’great orchestral score to heighten the mood’’(Yapp) the sound never really felt of of place, at moments it did seem out of place but then the true motives of the scene were revealed and it was as if he sound was foreshadowing future events.

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