Only God Forgives Reveiw

Figure 1. Poster (2013) 

Nicolas winding Refn's film Only god Forgives (2013) was given mixed reviews after release, some critics disliked it's slow pace, unclear narrative. Roger Ebert describes it as the "annoying friend we all had at college". to some extent this is the statement is true, the ambiguous story and confusing scene seem to be trying too hard to show Julian has an inability to show his emotion or be intimate with other human beings. The cause of Julian's inability to show emotion become apparent when his mother come to visit him In Bangkok after his brothers murder. He is suffering for what can only be explained as a severe oedipal crisis.
Figure 2. Male Strip Club (2013)

Julian shares many similarities with Oedipus the main being he killed his father, what is interesting is that he killed him because his mother told him to, not to be one his mother's lover. His mother is the that castrated taking away his ability to feel, she is also the only person he really gets emotional about. it becomes clear when he gets angry at his fake girlfriend that's he, wants his mother's affection and acceptance. Goslings performance was not enough to carry the movie" if gosling is the biggest draw only god forgives it not for you"(Wise, 2013).
Figure 3. Chang and Julian's Fight (2013)

The violence in in the film is very detailed, Robbie Collins says it is a" pornographically violent, neon dunked nightmare"(Robbie,2013). The most graphic scene is the torture with random knives scene, Chang( Vithaya pansrinarm) pulls out knives from what seems like nowhere and repeatedly stabs a man. Chang does not seem human throughout the film, his only driving factor in his need for justice. the film tries to make him seem human by giving him a family and showing him singing karaoke, but it is not enough to make give him humanity.

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