Maya Winter Submission

a a ) Modelling (NURBS and Polygon):
b b ) Character Part 1: Modelling:
c c ) Common Shaders:
d d ) UV Maps:
e e ) Character Part2: Texturing and Shaders:
f f ) Lights and Shadows:
g g ) Character Part3: Lighting and Rendering:

2) Modelling 1: Digital Sets:
a a) Modelling:
b b) UV Layout and Texturing Preparation:
c c) Lighting:
d)Colour Maps, Bump, Specular Maps, Dirt Maps and Final Render: //

3) Lighting and Rendering
a a) Exterior Lighting: Midday:
b b) Exterior Lighting: Sunset,Romantic and Night:

4) Visual FX: Visual Effects 2
a a) Render Layers: Software:
b b) Depth of Field:


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