Hem//Room #5

 I've modelled the assets for Arnes house, ignore the hole in  the wall she is renovating.
I was initially rendering the ship to show the additions that i made since my last ship related post, and noticed that the ship looked different when compared with the rest of the world. I found that it had not been set it up all the way, with one missing step altering its overall vibrancy as well as retaining detail. I found this to be an interesting change overall though i am honestly im not sure which one i prefer, as i  find both appealing. I am open to all feedback and will likely decide which direction i will go based on the responses to this post .The final verdict may result in a change to the way Arne's world works (its pretty easy to change). as extra reference I've added a version of Arne and her room with the "missing step" applied (below)


  1. Number 2 for me :) The colours are nicely faded/tinted by the 'atmosphere' and the lighting (such as on the mast) picks up the details better to me.

  2. Yeah I've got to agree, I find the second image more instantly appealing!

  3. 2 is the number of the day :) it looks good!


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