Hem//environment Update #2

I've been working on the environment and placing stand ins for animation, the house is is a bit to dense right now so i may change it and the floating house is a box . I need more light as i am only using the sun/sky system at the moment, i'm also going to lighten and change shadows. but i do like how how everything is looking. The ground is a plain Lambert but will be painted soon.

Minor edits in post

 Ambient occlusion and directional light

its not 100% set up but i wanted to test Alan's suggestion, i forgot to change the Area Light to custom but it did not change too much, i also did not play with the ambient occlusion to much. This will act as more of a proof of concept until everything is set up correctly.  


  1. This looks really lovely, Ryan :)

  2. Nice designs Ryan but don't use the sun sky system. It's blowing out your models because its not setup correctly plus it works differently now due to Maya's new colour management system. It's another one of those 'Photoshop filter; type of effects too. Use ambient occlusion nodes and a directional light instead.


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