To the Sky: Story Version three

Story rewritten with Phil's suggestions in mind

In a world of marvels lives a young inventor, his passion lies in the art of creation building a home for himself in the mountains. while gathering parts for his next big idea he stumbles upon something he doesn't quite understand, thinking that he had seen an oddly shaped ship in the clouds with tethering it to land. The clouds pass and the ship turns out to be a floating house. Awestruck  by this structure the inventor images a better life for himself in the sky, the inventor sets out to reach the flying house and a better life. suddenly his own house feels less like home and more like a means to an end. Fueled by his new goal the inventor uses his house for parts to create his next machine. Although his first few attempts fail, he is driven to create a working machine, bit by bit his house is becomes shell of what it used to be.  finally  he builds a functioning machine. wasting no time he hops in the machine and sets out for the sky,  he feels proud of his accomplishment looking to the sky, he briefly looks down to see the mess he made, where his house once stood lay debris.  He realizes what he had done in his quest the reach the floating house, he blindly took for granted and destroyed something precious to him. he abandons his quest to be reach the floating house descending back down to earth. Un-tethering the floating house, letting it disappear into the sky. with an accomplished look on his face he walks back into his re-built house a bit wonkier than before but still perfect in every-way.  


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