@Phil-Project ideas

Type of Project- Animated short

Core concept- Overcoming

Goals – to create and 3 minute animated short with a well animated character and or unique creature.

Outcome- 2-3 minute animation, in my chosen style.

Longform ideas:
The Garden Creature
This is idea takes place in a child’s room. Bored and alone in a toy-less room a little girl sits trying to find something to do. A creature also alone sees this child through a mysterious portal. Touching the portal the creature realizes it can go through. It flies through and greets the girl, the child amazed by the creature she blindly follows it through the portal to a garden. The girl and the creature play for some time. After a while, she decides she wants give the creature a gift and starts running back to her room. The creature thinking that the girl is abandoning it gets angry, the once beautiful garden begins to change into a dark dreary forest, the creature also begins to grow and change into a more monstrous version of its self. The child sees this and is scared, now making a beeline to the portal while the creature transforms. As she gets close to the portal the creature catches up to her, at this moment looking into the creature’s sad eyes she begins to pieces together the situation and she slowly inches closer to the creature in an attempt to calm it down. once she gets close enough she pets it, starting to lead it back to her room. In her room she finds a matching  ribbon to her own and hands it to the creature. The creature not knowing what to do looks perplexed. The girl smiles taking the ribbon and tying it onto the creature’s horn.

Alternate Ideas

-She gives the creature the ribbon she is wearing after it clams down, going to her room to get a new one.

-Instead of a garden a mirrored world (Her room but more nature filled)?

To the Sky
In a world where flying cites exist (based on georgii krutikov ideas) a land-bound young inventor sets out to reach one of the flying marvels. On his 105 attempt he has confidence in his new design .With a running start he lifts off. 105 is a successful attempt, but it’s not perfect and begins to break apart in the air. He aborts the flight, but now knows that he has a design that works. With 105 in mind he designs and begins perfecting it until he reaches 116 his most polished creation, confident that this will work he takes a risk takes off on a ledge, luckily the risk pays of and he takes off. Now soaring in the air he forgets why he created the machine in the first place and just begins to enjoy the flight after some acrobatics he flies up in hopes of making it to the city.

The Garden Creature –going out of your way to find friendship, overcoming loneliness and boredom

To the Sky- working until you archive your dreams
Edit- if you spend your time chasing flying cites you miss the real important aspects of life.


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