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Figure 1: poster (1993)

Jurassic Park (1993, Steven Spielberg) is a very well-known movie, mainly for the amount of money it made. Jurassic Park is a very good blend of CG and animatronics, there were very few moments when the use of CG was obvious, and the animatronics added realism because they can be interacted with.

The story seemed to have a couple of hiccups, for example the "plot to steal the embryos is handled on the level of a TV sitcom" (Ebert, 1993). Dennis Nerdy (Wayne Knight) feels like a comic relief character, this is possibly why it is very difficult to see him as a villain as a spectator. The film tries very hard to have the spectator dislike Dennis, but it isn't quite enough to justify his villainy. Other than Dennis, the rest of the casting and acting worked very well, they were very believable and made it easier to escape into the world of dinosaurs.

Figure 2: Happy family (1993)

the clear family focus is very refreshing, seeing "Grant (Sam Neill) discover his latent ability to act as a father" (Hawkes, 2014) builds him up to be a father figure; or potentially reminds the spectator of their own father, overall making Grant an likeable character. Ellie (Laura Dern) is immediately seen as a motherly figure, the way she interacts with both animals and humans is caring and protective. An interesting trope that the film adheres to, is the money grabbing lawyers, Donald Gennaro (Martin Ferrero) is very convincing as a money grabbing lawyer. Donald can also be seen as the worst of the worst, thinking only of himself, this is seen when he leaves the kids when the Tyrannosaurus attacks. It is satisfying to watch him get instant karma as the Tyrannosaurus chooses him for his next meal.

Figure 3: Dr. Ian Malcolm meets Tyrannosaurus (1993)

When watching how the dinosaurs behave and move around the park it is clear that “Plotting the dinosaurs' escapades is Mr. Spielberg's strongest suit” (Maslin, 1993). The first and most notable example of good scripting and direction is the instance where we the spectator are promised a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but instead we get a goat; little did we know that the Tyrannosaurus Rex will appear and its appearance will cause the largest amount of suspense, and fear for the characters safety.

In conclusion Jurassic park, is a great family movie. The fact that it is played yearly on television show just how timeless it is.

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