What If Metropolis - Aubrey Beardsley Research

For the What if metropolis project i was given Aubrey Beardsley.
When I began to research Aubrey Beardsley I quickly found that he was interested in the male form, his most interesting illustrations involve the phallus. His use of shape and size is intriguing as they way he scales body parts attracts the eye, but  also hides smaller objects. with female body he doesn't  over exaggerate body part,which make them seem pure.
His castle structure is quite plan and normal for the medieval era and because of this I would prefer to use organisms to create the what if metropolis, but i will refer to his castles as a template.
when looking for inspiration I found  that the images above all have elements I could use to create the what if metropolis.


  1. Your post title says What if matropolis, just thought I'd let you know.
    p.s. I'm really interested to see how you develop this project and how you use Beardsley's work to your advantage.


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