2001: Space Odysseys Review

Fig 1: Poster 

Stanley Kubricks (2001: Space Odysseys) is a peculiar film, the film does not really have a linear form of Narrative. It is similar to the Cabinet of Doctor Calligari in the fact that it is like being in the mind of a mad man. Roger Ebert says Stanley Kubrick “reduces each scene to its essence, and leaves it on screen long enough for us to contemplate it, to inhabit it in our imaginations.”  This film leaves the viewer with so many unanswered questions, but it is interesting to theory craft.
Fig 2: The Moon Base

The film does no feel very dated compared to more modern films in terms of quality, the films special effects are very good they help the viewer escape into space. Renata Aldler said “the special effects in the movie are the best I have ever seen this article was written in 1968 and at the time the where the best special effects, but with the rise of CG effects in modern films surpass those seen in 2001. That said the effects are fine as they are, updating won’t add to the story.
Fig 3: Monolith 

Rob Humanick brings up a good point when he says “Though God is never explicitly invoked in the film , the unseen extraterrestrial forces—represented by the black, geometrical monoliths that appear at critical points throughout.” This film questions the ideology of man in an interesting ways through the monolith, it asks the viewer to question creationism and adopt an idea evolution. But it also asks how man could have evolved without some external factor nudging them forward. Does the monolith represent a god or is it a symbol of adaption.

In conclusion this film questions our lives in interesting ways; it forces the spectator to think about the meaning of life and also the point. It also questions what most people believe in, with subtle messages. Finally this is a very thought provoking film but a good done never the less.

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Figure 1: poster-http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-ZKLzAj_0Wy4/USOozDrKDwI/AAAAAAAATrY/yCuXbAWkHp0/s1600/1968_2001+Space+Odyssey_01.jpg 
figure 2:the moon base- http://archetypeonlinemagazine.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/2001-a-space-odyssey-screenshot-1920x1080-9.jpg
Figure 3: Monolith- http://www.themoviethemesong.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/2001-A-Space-Odyssey-2.jpg

RENATA ADLER 1968  -http://www.nytimes.com/movie/review?res=9a04e6da1530ee3bbc4c53dfb2668383679ede (used 23/10/2014)


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