Animatic 5 //no audio


  1. in no particular order!

    1) drop the 1st balloon from the 'build montage' - replace with something else, so the balloon solution at the end of the montage feels like a new idea.

    2) Consider using the wipe-cuts of the trees more dynamically to switch camera positions or similar, thus ensuring we're feeling more involved with Hem.

    3) When clouds melt away to show house, consider a close-up of Hem's delight - her face registering pleasure and charm at the floating house.

    4) Just look again at 'rope sequence' - right now, the rope appears to disappear from shot or it looks like Hem has stepped backwards (when in fact she does this in a later shot). Consider swapping out this side shot for an 'over the shoulder' type set up, where the camera is behind the rope and we're looking past it at Hem, who is looking up at the house.

    5) The time has come to commit to your presentation animatic in terms of it more truly reflecting your story in all its visual staging :)


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